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Rules 1/10/18

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1.1 - Respectful Behavior.

On our server you have to present yourself in a respectful manner towards other community members and staff. Any forms of disrespectful attitude towards any member of the MethRP community will be dealt with accordingly by staff members.


1.2 - Slander

Any attempts or actions of slander are not tolerated within this community, if you have any accusations to make towards another member or staff member you can do this in the correct section on the forums.


1.3 - Evading Punishment

Any forms of evading punishment is not allowed, this also contains obstruction of an Administrative Situation (admin sit). any attempts of forms of doing so will be dealt with accordingly by staff members.


1.4 - Bugs and Glitches

When / if a bug and / or glitch is found in the game then the user is expected to report it immediately, may it be with a report in the game or a message / report on the forums.

Any forms of abuse of those bugs and / or glitches will be act upon with a permanent ban.


1.5 - Metagaming

Users are expected to share In Character (IC)  information or information in general that could be acted upon IC trough communications given In Character. This means that the use of Teamspeak, Skype, Discord, Mumble or any other third party communication application to spread such information is prohibited. It is also not allowed to use Out Of Character (OOC) chat to share this information.


Any information obtained using anything else than the ways that are given In Character may not be act upon.


1.6 - Conduct towards staff members

Staff members are here voluntarily and are here to help you and others out you are not allowed to abuse that. for example by creating “troll reports” or spamming them on steam, create one valid report and if it does not get responded to in time you can create a player report on the forums.


General Roleplay Rules

2.1 - Requirement of Sounds.

On the MethRP server you must have sounds, if you are caught without them and refuse to have them after being asked by a staff member you can expect to be kicked from the game.


2.2 - Adverting

all adverts must be done realistically. meaning you do NOT have to advert “Raid” or “Mug” or anything else criminal related. If you want to get warned before being raided you can buy a door alarm.


2.3 - Preserving your In Character life

This rule often referred to as “FearRP” means that you cannot perform any actions that might put your life in danger, this also includes that you cannot perform any unjustifiable actions that might cause imprisonment.


This also means that whenever you are under gunpoint you must do whatever the guy holding the gun says


2.4 - New Life Rule

After dying, a user cannot act act upon or remember experiences he had in his previous life, this excludes friends or enemies they have made, government positions that they hold and properties or cars they have purchased. Changing jobs also falls under the subject of this rule.


However there is one exception of when you can remember the details of your previous life.

this is when you were in a roleplay situation before (such as in a family) and it gets abrupted by someone breaking the rules and killing you. then you can continue the RolePlay from where it ended.


2.5 - Excessive Negativity

Excessively negatively affecting other people their experiences on this server is not allowed. for example, targeting new people by mugging them, killing people without any reason, destroying people their cars over something minor or anything like that. furthermore is it not allowed to destroy any other valuable items without justification to do so.


2.6 - Realistic Roleplay

All users are expected to roleplay realistically to some extent. this means they cannot grow drugs on the streets or something. this also means you have to fit into your predefined job, custom jobs are allowed but with the permission of a staff member.


2.7 - Misuse of props

Any use of props in order to levitate you or someone else is strictly forbidden, using props to damage someone is also forbidden and can fall under rule 2.5,

any other usage of props with malicious intentions are prohibited and will be dealt with accordingly by staff members.


2.8 - Disconnecting from the server

You are not allowed to disconnect from the server if you are in a roleplay or administrative situation, if you must disconnect in the middle of a roleplay situation you may create a report asking a staff member to give you permission to leave the server, only if he does grant you permission you are allowed to leave the server in a roleplay situation.


2.9 - Erotic Roleplay

Often referred to as ERP means that when you have sex with another person IC you must do this in a private and separate setting, for example in order to Rape someone you have to kidnap them and bring them to an abandoned factory (or such) where no one will find you.


2.10 - Money

InGame money can be obtained in various of ways, however it is not allowed to exchange real life funds for InGame funds, neither is exchanging steam items (such as CSGO skins) for ingame money. However if you want to buy VIP with ingame money you are allowed to do so.


Scamming in VIP is NOT allowed, and will be responded to with a permanent ban.


2.11 - Text and voice chat.

Spamming the text or voice chat is strictly prohibited, want to play a song? become a dj.


2.12 - Non Playable Characters

Non Playable Characters (NPC’s) should be treated as actual real people that can call the police. When committing crimes you should at all time count NPC’s in.


generally speaking without justification is it not allowed to commit any crimes near NPC’s.


2.13 - usage of /me

Any actions that cannot be done through ingame, as Garry’s Mod has its limits, should be done through a /me. However you can only have one action in a /me for example “/me Ties Gary”, any /me’s containing two actions do not happen and should therefore be ignored.


2.14 - Unlawful imprisonment

Any Unlawful imprisonment in the form of kidnapping and / or holding hostage can only last for a maximum of 30 minutes. the timer starts when the first /me “ties” or any other action that prevents your character from moving is done


2.15 - Rulebreakers

If you witness someone breaking a rule, or he is breaking the rule and you are being the victim of this then you should only report it / record it and just continue the roleplay to your best ability, you should further than recording and reporting the rule breakage disregard it as a whole and try to keep roleplaying, however if you are not capable of doing this for example if the rulebreaker kills you then you are not to be blamed for this and a staff member will eventually deal with it accordingly.


Job Roleplay Rules.


3.1 - General rules

All jobs should generally never misuse the power and privileges they are given.

for example the DJ may not play inappropriate songs, the tow truck driver may not tow away vehicles randomly and the Free Runners may not climb up unto roofs to interrupt admin sits. et cetera.


3A. Police Roleplay Rules

3A1 - Arrest

When you are roleplaying as Law Enforcement Personnel (LEO) you must have a valid reason on why you are detaining and/or arresting someone. The arrest must fall under at least of one of the many laws that is enforced by the Police.


Law Enforcement Officers are not allowed to arrest fellow colleagues of the law, if an officer of the law is seen breaking the law it shall be reported both to Staff and supervisors and dealt with either IC or OOC


3A2 - Lethal Force Always abstain from using lethal force against the suspect(s), a law enforcements officer are obliged to give out multiple warnings in forms of verbal warnings or warning shots before using any kind of lethal force.


3A3 - SWAT

If police officers are about to enter a building and they have the suspicion that the inhabitants could be armed and / or dangerous they are first of obliged to contact S.W.A.T for assistance, this mostly only applies when the police is raiding a household or property.


3A4 - Checkpoints

Police officers are allowed to make manned checkpoints on the road, but only  if they have gotten permission by the mayor, or the acting supervisor currently on duty.


There must always be cops stationed at checkpoints otherwise the checkpoint must be open for travellers to pass through without calling for assistance.


3A5 - Property Laws

Law Enforcement officers may only enter/trespass someone's personal property with a warrant or the owner's permission.


Police officers are allowed to enter a personal property only if they were already in pursuit of a suspect and the chase ended up in someone’s home or property.


3A6 - Police Privilege

All Law Enforcement Officers are obliged to follow the current laws of the state, if a member of the police force think he’s over the law and is committing crimes him/herself he will be demoted from his job, and jailed.


Law Enforcement Officers are not allowed to speed when they have no ongoing duty or urgent mission to attend to this could will lead to consequences.


Law Enforcement Officers are not allowed to accept bribes in forms of money and power, the officer which is committing the crimes will be punished for corruption and demoted from their job.


3A7 - Chain Of Command

Law Enforcement Officers shall always listen to the highest ranking officer it’s usually going to be the Captain, Lieutenant shall be answered to if the Captain if off duty, and the sergeant shall answered to if none of the above is on duty. The Mayor is always above all Law

Enforcement Officers.


Note that no one is above the law.


3B. Medic Roleplay Rules

Medics shall not gain money from aiding people or shall they make any profit from anything then their payroll.


Medics are not allowed to heal people in a shootout, the only exception that can be made is when someone gun points them and forces them to do so.


3C. Criminal Roleplay Rules


3C1 - Mugging

Mugging someone should happen at a secluded location and not near any NPC’s

you may gunpoint someone to come towards you however you are not allowed to gunpoint anyone in public setting.


as we do have a bank system the maximum amount of money you can take away is two hundred thousand (200 000) dollars.


You are not allowed to mug LEO’s or medics.


3C2 - Forced Withdrawals

Users are not allowed to force anyone to take money of their bank account and give this money to them. if the money is on the bank then it is safe.


3C3 - Raiding

You are allowed to raid whatever building you can, however you cannot kill unarmed inhabitants of this building.


furthermore if an alarm is triggered you are free to continue the raid but must have a decent plan of escape.


3C4 - Drugs

You are not allowed to place drugs in a public setting.


you are also not allowed to “Save” your drugs by picking them when being raided.


3C5 - Assassinations

All Assassinations, whether this would be a mayoral assassination or a regular one, should all be planned carefully and contain a decent plan of escape.


All Rules are subject to a staff member’s discretion and are subject to change.

some rules might not be written (yet) therefore the staff team expects users on this server to have some sort of common sense

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