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  1. John King - Staff Application

    DENIED ----- + Perpheads is quite strict on rules, so to last for such a long period of time on there you must be used to not breaking rules +I prefer to give at least 2 positives, but honestly can't find one = server hasn't opened yet, so we can't really judge how you at in game -doesn't actually have admin experience -- knowing RP and being able to enforce rules and being able to see beyond players lies are two very different things -actually no effort in the app. one or two sentences is not enough. I know that we don't specify how long apps should be, but that doesn't mean it has to be tiny, this is your chance to show your enthusiasm and effort, so putting in minimal here is not the sort of impression you wanna make -no time on the server -- I'm assuming that also applies to previous versions of MethRp.
  2. Hilton01 Staff App

    DENIED ----- +clearly enthusiastic, as have applied before the server has opened +has experience = server hasn't opened yet, so we can't really judge anything about you yet -not very much detail in the application -hasn't named any servers/told how much experience -good english is rather important to use All in all, I suggest re-applying after we have seen you a bit on the open Alpha, which we invite you to join when it starts. Also, maybe add a bit more detail next time, and read over it for mistakes.