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John King

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  1. John King - Staff Application

    Staff Application Name John King Date of Brith 11/12/2002 Time on the Server None Tell us About yourself I am from Bulgaria, currently 15 years old. In my spare time I hang around with friends or play Garry's Mod, R6 or some other FPS Shooter. I also play sports like Football and volleyball. Do you Have Any Experience to assist with your duties? I have 3month playtime on PERPHeads which is SRP. I have alot of experience in RP. So I would say that I am qualified to hold position like this here. What makes you a better choice over other applicants? I can keep calm in administrator sits Not biased Respect others I dont have bad attitude nor am I selfish I think that I am a good guy :) Agreements Do you agree that By Sumbitting an Application you are not entitled to a Position as a Member of the MethRP.com Staff Team? Yes Do you Agree that Management always have a final say in every matter on the server? Yes Do you Agree that you can be removed from the Staff Team at any time without Any reason? Yes Do you Agree that you are still applicable for the same punishments as Standard Users? Yes