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Lil Sam

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  1. Sam - Staff Application

    Staff Application Name Sam Date of Brith 11/14/2000 Time on the Server A lot on previous servers Tell us About yourself Hi my name is Sam I am 17 years old and I am from south London I am currently in college and am learning to drive which takes up most of my free time, when im not doing that I spend a lot of times playing games I mostly play garrys mod it is my favourite game and have been playing serious servers for about 3 years now. Do you Have Any Experience to assist with your duties? I have been staff on this server and many other serious servers What makes you a better choice over other applicants? I think I stand out because I have been a staff member here previously and I have always loved playing here and administrating I feel like I did a good job enforcing rules and I would love to do it again, I have gotten to the rank administrator here before maybe senior admin but I cant remember. I hope everyone who remembers me as a staff member would want me back again and I hope you can let me do what I enjoy to do and enforce rules. Agreements Do you agree that By Sumbitting an Application you are not entitled to a Position as a Member of the MethRP.com Staff Team? Yes Do you Agree that Management always have a final say in every matter on the server? Yes Do you Agree that you can be removed from the Staff Team at any time without Any reason? Yes Do you Agree that you are still applicable for the same punishments as Standard Users? Yes