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The best gets even better. With frequent updates and active staff, MethRP is the place to be.

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Top Notch Features

MethRP focuses on having great fun
with great features.

Unlimited Gaming

We will never stop you from having fun, unless you violate our Rules and Guidelines. Nor will we ever make the sever Pay to Play!

Secure Network

Our Servers are enforced by Bulletproof hosting, preventing DDoS attacks and malicious Game Packets, meaning your information is always secure!

Advanced Administrator Tools

To ensure you can have a pleasant experience, our Staff members are equipped with the best tools to control players and also assist others!


What's New at MethRP?

While what is written here is not going to be fully up to date, it gives brief outlines of what we try to achieve in each update, whereas specific changelogs can be found on our Forums!

  • Backend reworks, to allow the best performance for the server and Client.
  • New features to help players earn money into the economy.
  • Improvements onto our Administration Tools.
  • New cars, to allow players a unique experience.
  • And May more things!.
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